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Senior Front-end Developer
January 2020 – So far... (5 months)
  • Develop user interface
  • Code review
  • Defining Backend Contracts
  • Interview candidates
  • Common codebase support
  • Sprints planning
  • I quickly finished the chatbot with another developer and researched its code.
  • I initiated TypeScript integration and did the main work, after which I transferred it to the developer in the infrastructure.
  • I proposed a round-robin code review and this idea was implemented.
  • I laid the foundation for the description of the documentation.
  • I started making "meeting frontend".
  • On probation, I gained confidence and became the unofficial frontend team lead.
  • I set up unit tests in the project.
  • I conducted over 10 interviews in a couple of months and selected the best developers from them.
  • I wrote code and process rules for frontend.
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Front-end Developer – Senior Front-end Developer
March 2018 – January 2020 (1 year and 10 months)
  • Migration of the old site to the new framework (Vue.js).
  • Helping other developers in the new framework.
  • Website performance optimization.
  • Migration of a new site to a new architecture.
  • Code refactoring.
  • I Transferred the product card completely to the new site.
  • I developed a mini-project on refactoring within the team (sometimes the developers quit and leave behind a "rocket science code" or write a quick code, it was necessary to fix it).
  • I interacted with other teams to achieve common goals.
  • I cleaned and optimized the code not only inside my team, but throughout the project.
  • I initiated a project to develop a library of UI components and took control.
  • I created epics/tasks, threw them on developers, in general I was engaged in management from the side of development.
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Front-end developer
July 2016 – March 2018 (1 year and 9 months)
  • Development of promotional sites with an abundance of animations.
  • Development of web services.
  • Optimization of performance.
  • I learned to work with web animations.
  • I learned Angular.js and Angular 2+.
  • I was engaged in the development of sites alone and realized that it was better to work as a team.
  • I have gained rich experience in application development and architecture.
  • I learned to “feel” animations.
  • I understood the importance of good management and the presence of a team.
  • I got acquainted and learned to work with math of CSS-Locks.
  • I started mentoring of junior developers.
HTML-Coder / project manager
April 2016 – June 2016 (3 month)
  • The layout of small sites
  • Management of remote developers
  • Negotiations with customers
    November 2015 – January 2016 (3 month)
    • Layout of PSD layouts
    • Working with jQuery scripts
    • Learned JavaScript and jQuery